Ever Try To Make Sure To Use Your Service To The Max
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Ever Try To Make Sure To Use Your Service To The Max

Recently my brother was asking if I wanted to use his Wi-Fi account for mobile access as his home internet plan gives him the option to use the company’s wi-fi features when you are away from home. I personally have unlimited data on my phone and so it wasn’t entirely necessarily. But that wi-fi was actually faster. The general mindset for him it seems was that he doesn’t use the service to its max and so may as well share it.

I often do this too as I figured if you are paying for it why not use it? In many cases, this means sharing it with your friends and family to help them save money. I find it a little odd when people don’t have this mentality by default. While you may not immediately see any kind of savings or benefit to yourself it’s almost like one of those scenarios where you are helping your own ecosystem. One way or another, helping them financially will be better for you as well.

Web hosting is a good example where I have often found that people buy these packages where they barely use like twenty percent of their storage and bandwidth. Like for myself, because of this I often share my resources with people. Sure I don’t exactly see an immediate return, but ultimately making life easier for them too will make everyone happier. Hopefully too, tis encourages your social circle to offer their help and resources too to continue the cycle that ultimately helps everyone financially.

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