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Entering Story Contests For Free Services

So my mom was telling that that there was this ad about a local dentist that was offering some kind of free teeth whitening service for moms. The thing is they can’t enter themselves as the son or daughter needs to write a compelling story of sort on why their mom is most deserving for it. As you may have guessed, my mom is nagging me to enter her into this contest.

I was just reading all of the terms about this and it made me wonder how much of your information that you would need to surrender in order to claim the prize if you win. For example, you would need to give the sponsor full rights to publish details and photographs of the winners, they can use you in their future marketing campaigns, etc.

I don’t think things like teeth whitening is too expensive here too. Unless you are looking to completely replace your teeth and all with like porcelains. So in that sense would it be worth saving like $300 where in exchange you will allow the organization to use you to market their products and such? Kind of hard to put a price on that. Either way, guess I will have to help my mom enter this.

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