Edison Chen Scandal

Edison Chen Scandal

At first I never even heard of this and apparently this started towards the end of January. In a nutshell, there is an actor named Edison Chen who is in some sort of sex scandal as apparently he has taken hundreds of explicit pictures and videos of him with a lot of different women who happen to be major celebrities in Hong Kong. Somehow the photos and videos were stolen and have been redistributed on the Internet which has created a huge frenzy due to the names of the people who are attached to this ordeal. I’m not sure where this originated from, but someone even created a timeline of the incidents which is kind of crazy when you look at it:

I never even heard of these stars before personally since I am accustomed to western culture and so to me it just sounded like one of those celebrity gossip scandals that I don’t have too much interest in. However, the person is born here in Vancouver and I was asked if I knew anything about it. So I did decide to read more about it and I couldn’t believe how fast this was spreading in the east and quickly affecting the people involved such as business contracts being thrown out as a result of this incident.

For example, Edison himself apparently lost a credit card endorsement deal and from what I read he was suppose to play some type of role in the new Batman movie which is being revoked as a result of this it seems. He even has his own production company that most likely will be affected by this as well. Similarly, for a lot of the women that were involved their squeaky clean image and personality that they relied upon has been compromised which resulted in lost deals as well with some situations being extreme such as marriages that have been called off.

This got me thinking from a business perspective on how it is so important to be professional with your conduct inside and outside of your work. As demonstrated here, that old remark about what people do in their own time shouldn’t matter is sure not the case. Another way to think about it is that people often use the phrase ”People do business with people” which should make you think twice from doing something like that.

Another point that this situation made me think of is being able to admit your mistakes in life as oppose to trying to hide it. Using others as a scapegoat without taking full accountability for your actions will affect your professional image even more. That age old quote that I hear seems to be so fitting for this scenario where “It takes a lifetime to build a reputation and a moment to kill it.”


  • Steaky 2/14/2008

    Why everyone is talking about Gillian Chung after she claimed herself was too silly and naive? Maybe they should see the big picture.

  • Lincole 2/15/2008

    There is so such thing as too silly and naive. She knows that she is a big celebrity in Asia and there is a big fat chance that these kind of photo will be used against her one day. Why took that photo at the first place? I am not saying that Edison Chen doesn’t have to bear any responsibility here but it needs two hands to clap. Gillian must pay for the consequences as well. And Self Claiming too silly andnaive just wasn’t enough.

  • d1ddl3 2/15/2008

    I am impressed with the level of matureness you shown here, it’s so true that people do need to have their professional behaviour all the time, on and off the work. Two thumbs up for your opinions !

  • EDISONIDIOT 2/15/2008

    what a silly man to leave his stuff on the comp.. hk media are v v hot on the trail, as for gillian chung apologising? WHAT is with her.. she should know what the consequences would be one day.. she is not niave and silly, she should known better what goes round comes around.. at least have agood shave.. after seening the pictures would i be arrested over these images.. what is stupid in hk, they are taking this too seroiulsy whern there is dangerous criminals out there to be catched.. the people who uplodaed these images must hate the celebraties in HK as they are money grabbers who will try to sell info to the people.. what a suckers.. these innocent women i really do not feal sorry for them, they should have known it was coming one day

  • EDISONIDIOT 2/15/2008

    as for gillian chung been innocent and niave.. what a loser???? SHE CAN’T EVEN SING LET ALONE POSE FOR THESE PICTURES/.. girl at least have a shave along with bobo.. urgh what a dumb people these are in hk

  • syoon 2/15/2008

    Asians always over reacting, over just about everything, look at the photos they both enjoy a bit exciting sex, the guys that uploaded the photos should be punished. At the end of the day Edison is a legend to the male race.

  • robert 2/15/2008

    there is no such things means “silly or niave” or “young”. if you know how to enjoyed sex and took your’s axx in the photos. WOW! you think still “SILLY or NIAVE”!!!!!!!!

  • tim 2/15/2008

    EDC sex scandal items that he used.

    (Dead link)

  • da man 2/16/2008

    edison chen is the MAN! anyway, they are all brainless! i have not seen anyone so STUPID in my life…

  • Miss 8 2/16/2008

    is that the real pic of edison chan’s scandal pics??

  • Lee Sa Lim 2/17/2008


  • tapsiboy 2/17/2008

    Just like Paris.

    But nothing beats edison, got all good looking girls and some having a good girl image.

    Look at them now, good girls in front of the camera, hot and horny tigress in bed. Rawr!

  • addison 2/18/2008

    what the…
    latest reporting from HK paper saying that his father is semi-gay???

  • Edison Chen Scandal 2/18/2008

    As for Gillian, I think her pimp oops I mean record label boss forced her to make an apology to generate more publicity for the Twins.

    What was she apologising for? She didn’t take the photos and certainly wasn’t involved with them being on Mr Chen’s PC…hmm

    I made a better chart to show who he was with:

  • khemer 2/18/2008

    can send all edison sex photo to me tq

  • Rob 2/18/2008

    What do these women see in this guy anyway? Why are these women cheapening themselves by throwing themselves at this guy? Is he that well connected to money and power (chinese mafia/record execs?) He’s one skinny, wimpy, bag-o-bones. I don’t get it. Please, please someone explain this to me.

  • KenL 2/19/2008


    I felt shame for the group involved in this scandal.
    However, this is a good lesson for the youth in entertainment business cycle. A lesson that thought well to our younger generation; do not be tempted to do silly adultery when one is committed as an idol in ASIA world. ” Today, Life has no second chance,especially this is entertainment world.”
    Celebrity or STAR is an idol for younger generation to follow not an extend to this type of adultery for young. As Asian saying, “even you know you are stealing, make sure you leave no tracks, not leaving behind images or video for people to track down yourself as suspect.”
    Apologies over media is not a solution, just live with the shame that has caused and learn to be smarter is the best for now.
    Leave the entertainment cycle and let the people know you are still a legend while it can. Savage others that you ruin in this life. May be one day, your name will be restore for the sake of your redemption of sins, naive and unpleasants thoughts.
    Your are the key of the solution and the key to savage others that ruin by you. Life goes on, no human in this life is perfect. We all make mistake in life; may be this is meant to happen to you.

  • hantu 2/19/2008

    Wow! Great Event of the year…
    This Prove That Our Asian Entertainers Are As ‘Slut’ As The Western Counterpart.

  • Equal 2/20/2008

    Did anyone killed anyone ?? Are there any inhumane act involved ?? I didn’t see any….. I just saw photos of couple having fun….

    PS. Why shame is shame only when it was exposed and it wasn’t when it’s not ? For those who laugh & critised….. An old say…. a frog laugh at an ugly toad !

  • Fitch 2/20/2008

    What do these women see in this guy anyway?
    well… asian women are more into the cute things…
    cute, baby face, popular guys are more attractive to asian women than muscled, matured hunks.

  • blueseagal 2/20/2008

    well,i cant say that the female artists isnt in the fault but cant we jus try not to be too over nasty towards them???!!! i understand that they must bear consequences but these consequences are really too heavy for them. thier future careers ruined and they might have to spend thier lives time in the darkness. so pls give them a break!!!

  • pd 2/20/2008

    Equal = gets it. Who really cares what folks do on their own time.

  • meilan 2/20/2008


  • Blur Lara 2/21/2008

    Some of the comments so far are quite true. They should have the common sense not to have those photos / video done in the first place. As the Chinese saying goes, ‘You can not keep the fire under wraps with paper’. There is also the fact that only ‘idiots’ would send in their computer for repair at any available stores knowing what kind of data they have on the hard drive. Think ‘CONFIDENTIALITY AGREEMENT’! If you want to behave like the Hollywood stars, think like them! How else did you think J.Lo got married to Marc Anthony without any leaks to the media?

  • Myopic 2/22/2008

    The faux morality of the rich and famous. They lead lives we can only dream about and when the shite hits the fan, they scream ‘foul’. No sympathy for any of them. They’re all fakes.

  • Rene 2/22/2008

    Those pics are hilarious. Who would ever want such a “little man”and such a totally mechanical woman???

  • Pink 2/23/2008

    Man… I just heard about this recently … i have to say i feel so so … mixed up about it…

    Hmm I must agree it’s not just Eddy’s fault , the girls should have known he had the pics…. But then again Ed wasn’t so samrt to have his computer fixed with thoughs pics in it…

    sigh… I guess this is wa happens when you become famous… if ur lucky you’ll get rich,be popular for some years then have a scandal tear ur life down. Ahem example : Britney Spears

    I feel genuinely sorry/sad about Ed. I liked him a lot. Being a asain kid who grew up in America he was a person I could somewhat relate to. I heard he got depressed and tried to suicide… 😮 !!!! In his video he looked quite different than the guy i knew 2 years back.

    Please stop sending the pictures around for everyones sake. If you don’t then U HAVE NO LIFE!

    And I can also see why china banned deathnote . Go to hell Kira. Leave Ed in peace.

  • L 2/24/2008


  • Kira 2/25/2008

    YEAH you find me.. I am here

  • petit 2/26/2008


    It’s only SEX ! So.

  • The_3rd_ Eye 2/27/2008

    You reap what you sow – even wild oats!
    Even dead oats will rise from the ashes to haunt & taunt….!

    After all is said & done…

    let the sinless cast the first stone!

  • wang 2/27/2008

    oh gosh, this man will have a lot of trouble now.
    How much other HK careers are also going to ruin?

  • Twilight 2/28/2008

    This guy is a douche bag…talking about a sex maniac.. I feel sad for those girls.. but then again they knew that there was a camera in front of them. The blame goes both ways. I know people in America don’t care about these kind of things.. but in Asian culture it is quite different when celebrities are involved in such a thing as sex scandals. Asian countries particularly in China still has its conservative values. Edison Chen should really pray hard for his life.. not only because of Albert Leung but also with all the other boyfriends, brothers, fathers, and husbands of those women he exploited that will try to kill him. Edison Chen is better off leaving the country and live with his mother.

  • KJ 2/28/2008

    EDC did nothing wrong why should anyone kill him? If there is anyone to blame, blame the chicks who got off on Edison…and brother, boyfriend or whatever who wants to kill EDC b/c their “loved one” had a night or two of FUN with Edison is *ucked up!

  • Parrot 2/29/2008

    You guys haven’t kept up to speed with the news… Edison is a pimp for a powerful group run by Albert Yeung who provides extra-curriculum “entertainment” to the riches. Those pictures are part of the resume process. You don’t need to hire a militant team to protect yourself if your personal pictures are stolen. If it wasn’t for Edison’s Dad, he would have been dead on the street. Do you really think there are that many dumb girls for one guy? They are talking about tens of thousands photos now.

  • Kira 3/1/2008

    I have only a limited amount of time before leaving the state I am in. Pics will be posted within this month…….’till then…….

  • Blonde guy 3/3/2008

    I see Mr. Chen as an innocent victim in all of this. He took photos in the privacy of his own home with another consenting adult. They were never intended to be seen by anyone. It is the indvidual or individuals who are releasing the images that are responsible for this situation. Mr. Chen trusted that his computer would be repaired, not hijacked.

  • Jo 3/5/2008

    Right, so in the photos they dont look like theyre being forced to do anything hence, Edison really shouldnt be under ‘so’ much fire. What they do in their personal lives are really up to them, just because they are celebrities doesnt mean they cannot indulge in private activities, the operative word being ‘private’. SO Blonde Guy is spot on.

    All you guys saying Gillian Chung is naive and stupid really are just narrow minded and jealous some people actually enjoy healthy and exciting sex lives.

  • Fo 3/14/2008

    😈 😈 I think the photo is not jolin ok 😈 😈 dont say jolin is the girl do sex with edison chen ok jolin is a good girl not a bad girl

  • bigdaddy 3/21/2008


  • bellymerea 3/31/2008

    edison chen is a man!!
    i really want to be a bitch for him
    mm i get jealous to not be one girl for these photo

  • Cee 4/5/2008

    im a little late on this for i have been away from any upates on the HK entertainment world but i dont look at edison nor all female stars who are involved in a negative perspective at all. We all want and need excitement in our lives.

    From a business perspective, its not the end of the world for any of them, but… it did cause a huge damage that would be very difficult to bring back. If you add up all the endorsements that were dropped, lots of money lost in this scandal. Shows how important reputation is in this industry. A lesson learned for all entertainers.

    We all know that Edison just need to take a long break. I feel very sad for all those involved, including Edison.

  • nahiku 6/1/2009

    Mr Chen proved himself to be completely irresponsible when he GAVE his computer hard drive to a tech for repair. What kind of moran does this knowing full well the drive contained images potentially harmful to others???

    Talk about self centered idiot – no excuses for him – no matter what!

    Today is trying to explain himself and get sympathy – he has no one to blame but himself

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