Eating At Earlier Times To Save Money If You Are Dining Out
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Eating At Earlier Times To Save Money If You Are Dining Out

Today I was talking to a friend who was interested in doing a fun and silly challenge where we simply wanted to see who can actually eat more. I am way smaller than he is and so the assumption is usually that the bigger guy can eat way more. So naturally the idea of a buffet came up. While researching for reasonably priced places that had decent food I kept noticing how all the buffet prices are often way cheaper before 3pm. In some cases it was more than 50% off the evening times.

This makes sense as the evening is when most people would dine out for dinner and so the cheaper price is to partially lure people in the restaurants during the less busy times. While I still think you should prepare your own meals to save money I guess if you really have to dine out maybe adjusting your meal schedules could actually help you save a lot of money like I this example.

People might say that is crazy time wise but funny enough I know in film often times a “breakfast” meal ca actually be during midnight as it is based on when the production starts. I guess the challenge would be more working around your working hours. Imagine with like this $12 buffet I saw where you take an hour lunch break to fill up for your lunch and dinner. Though I doubt you would be able to work afterwards……

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