Doing Things Exactly The Way You Want or Not

Doing Things Exactly The Way You Want or Not

I was thinking about this where a person was expressing how he was frustrated that for so long he couldn’t find the right person to do a specific job exactly the way he wanted. He went through various contractors where there were even times he still paid them for a job but ended up re-doing it himself to get it exactly the way he wanted.

At first it actually made me wonder if virtually everyone could have been truly that bad or was it a case of the person being way too picky. The only other information I had was that some of the people seemed to have been fine with others where in those cases It seemed like they were given more creative freedom. So it raises the question where if you hire someone from the outside should you just give them the basic spec requirements and let them be? Or do you think they must make everything to a tee on what you would have liked?

I guess the best example would be like hiring a chef. Would you just tell them generally what you want and have them work their magic or would you pretty much micromanage them as if you are the chef and they are simply trying to copy you in every way? I think myself if I ever hire others I would have more of the mindset where you give them the basic spec and then let them do their thing.

Of course you should expect a certain quality, but it feels a bit much trying to make someone like a programmed robot.

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