Doing Something For Less Profitable Customers

Doing Something For Less Profitable Customers

Fascinating topic this was as I was reading of an organization that was holding a live event in in a similar fashion to how you see cultural events in your local area. It helps them to raise awareness and make money such as by selling tickets and getting sponsors. But here was the funny part as it seemed like the organization insisted in making this a very exclusive event of sort. For example, no social postings of the events, no giveaways for its fans, etc. If you want to experience any part of it you need to pay and attend live. That got people upset such as wondering why at minimum they couldn’t show stuff online

This wasn’t a scenario of say a pay-per-view premium event like a boxing match either. Apparently, the organization’s way of thinking was showing any part of the event publicly would discourage people from actually attending live. No attendance would mean no revenue opportunity. So theoretically doing this would generate more potential revenue. I know most people would immediately say that is flawed just with the notion of getting less exposure.

I personally always find it amazing when companies treat their customers in these ways when the business model is dependent on continued support. Even for companies that have say premium events they would still update people with little clips as an example to get a taste of the events. It’s one of the most basic principles of a customer-based business I have always been told. Treating all customers with the same importance. The little things go a long way too.

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