Does Free Sample Marketing Still Work

Does Free Sample Marketing Still Work

Today I got a bunch of goodies in the mail which had all types of items ranging from cleaning supplies to various snacks. There were even a bunch of coupons to get free ice cream from the stores. This was part of a promotion from companies to allow people to sample their items so hopefully the next time they go shopping these items will be fresh on their minds to hopefully purchase them. If one likes it enough to make it a regular purchase this would definitely be a great return of investment.

Even I wonder though, do these kinds of marketing expenses actually work? Or do people simply use the items as free products in order to save money? For the food items I actually felt this played a role on whether or not I would consider it in the future. One of them was a protein bar of sort that I wasn’t too ecstatic about it. So if it was cheap enough and I wanted that type of item I may consider because of the sample. There was another one that was supposedly natural gummies of sort where they did taste good and I have actually seen these on the store shelves before but was hesitant to buy it to try it. Well, they basically answered the taste question and again I would consider it if the price was right.

So I guess with my own situation these types of things do work to a certain extent. It’s probably a more effective expense than showing a commercial for a person like myself who is often shopping based on deals.

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