Documenting Customer Service Communications For Public Reviews

Documenting Customer Service Communications For Public Reviews

I am currently going through an interesting scenario of a company who has failed to deliver a product thus far where it seems like they are constantly blaming other people for their inability to fulfill an order. As usual I document all my conversations with issues like these in case the business tries to claim something else in the future. What was a little eyebrow raising is that during this time they actually updated their sales literature on the site to essentially encourage people to order more to beat the holiday rush. That doesn’t make sense if they were having so much difficulty with things as is right?

It makes for a fascinating documentation too I thought should I do a public review on the company in the future as you can see the contrast on what they were saying to me and alleging they are experiencing all these difficulties where on the public end it’s coming across as everything is great and they are ready to ship your orders. You would think a business would temporarily suspend sales until things are fixed right?

My only assumption at the moment is that the company operators used say my funds for other purposes and are procrastinating until they can redistribute funds and inventory. Almost like how someone takes investor money to pay off a personal debt versus actually delivering what was promised. But either way, always keep records of communications like these.

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