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DJI Mavic Pro Shipping Delay Fiasco

dji mavic shipping delay

This has been an interesting journey to follow so far from a business perspective. As some of you may know I recently made a pretty big purchase for a portable camera drone made by the company DJI where it is called the Mavic Pro. I was pretty excited as it seemed to be the first portable drone product that kind of fits the need of a person like myself where it can easily be used on like trips. This was no small change either as I had to pay $999 US just to pre-order it. Not only that, the company charged my credit card pretty quickly on the day of the announcement of September 27. While it was advertised as being shipped on October 15 it seemed like everyone was getting worried as it appeared that no one was getting a shipment notice.

So just today I received a message that the item has indefinitely been delayed where the company’s official statement was the following:

“Dear Customers,
We said at our Mavic Pro launch event that we would begin shipping in mid-October. We’ve just passed that, and if you’re wondering where your Mavic Pro is, we’d like to offer an update.
Since unveiling the Mavic Pro, we’ve had amazingly strong global demand. Production is in full swing, and we will be fulfilling orders as fast as we can.
We thank you for your enthusiasm and patience and for being a DJI customer.
Adam Najberg
Global Director of Communication, DJI”

Of course, by the sounds of it most people did not take this news lightly where at the same time many believe this is untrue. But the biggest complaint, which I wholeheartedly agree with, is how the company has essentially transferred thousands of dollars into their own bank account and has failed to deliver an item as promised. For a person like myself that means they have almost had the funds for over one month as well.

dji complaint customer service

I was actually very curious as to how from a business point of view the company would handle it where for the most part it seems like they are going with a if you are unhappy just ask for a refund route It seems.

dji cancel order mavic

That’s kind of interesting as to me personally that almost feels like a company that doesn’t have too much competition. Therefore, they are not really pressured to really compensate people to win their trust. If you think about it too it’s like the company would win financially either way as they have held people’s money for quite a bit of time and could have earned like say some money on it.

dji ftc

Another topic then got me interested. The action camera company GoPro has also announced its own drone camera recently and the company is trying to bounce back from some major drop in business. Unfortunately for a person like myself its offerings just didn’t seem as good for the price. But when someone posted up a message saying that the company was going to try to capitalize on DJI’s mishap that sure made things interesting I thought.

go pro mavic

It’s kind of showing the scenario how a business with a huge industry dominance in multiple ways messes up with the customer’s trust and now another company has an opportunity to swoop in. So it makes you wonder, will you see DJI do something great to win back consumer trust? There a ton of people like myself who are first time customers. What can they do to keep a company like GoPro at bay from eating its market share? Or will GoPro do something amazing to convince all the disgruntled people to switch over?

mavic to gopro

It can happen that quickly too as history has shown with many other companies. I still remember when Google was still a nobody as an example. This story demonstrates so much as to what not to do when it comes to communicating to customers and the dangers of just taking money without delivering things as promised. Unless people are like venture capitalists for the company or have the understanding that they are crowdfunding an item people are way too educated to just accept vague answers when their money is taken.

I am actually hoping they do something great to compensate for this as I was actually really looking for to the product. That is why it’s good to have healthy competition in any industry too.

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