Discount Offers That Sound Like A Fee Based Job

Discount Offers That Sound Like A Fee Based Job

Okay, I was looking at this offer where you can apparently get discounts for movie tickets. Upon reading it the site advertises this as a “mystery shopper” type of setup that you can read at . From what I read, you have to pay a $50/month annual fee where in return you can get items such as movie tickets for a discounted price. As well, you will have to evaluate your experiences by writing a report.

Maybe it’s just me, but it just sounds like a cleverly disguised way for a company to save money from having to actually hire mystery shoppers. You always hear that you should never have to pay money when it comes to doing a job like these and in this case it kind of sounds like just that. If there was no annual fee and all you had to do was write the report then that would be a different story.

Good deal or are companies just getting more creative in ways to save a dollar or two when it comes to marketing and quality assurance expenses?

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