Dinners Instead of Presents
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Dinners Instead of Presents

For a lot of people that I know, instead of buying friends and family members presents during the holiday they simply invite everyone to a restaurant and pay for everyone’s meal. That way, they avoid having to go through all that shopping frenzy while still accomplishing the goal of doing something nice for people.

It might sound little silly, but I am usually a bit conscience on what I order in these cases as I don’t want to rack up the bill for the person who is paying. Just like the other day where the person kept asking if I wanted to order anything to drink and I just insisted that water was fine. Similar to receiving gifts, I tend to not want people to spend too much financially on myself as you don’t need expensive things to make people happy.

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  • Stewart Marshall 12/23/2007

    Just a thought … Sometimes you need to let people buy you a drink if they want to, there’s lots inequalities around between what people theoretically can ‘afford. The point is that you should not be the one to judge, sometimes refusing their generosity can be offensive.

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