A Different Level of Service By Communicating A Sense of Urgency

A Different Level of Service By Communicating A Sense of Urgency

Today I decided to get a haircut as usual except I did it on a day where I had to do some work later in the day. I just thought it would be more time efficient this way as I am expecting to be busy all week. The interesting thing was that the barber realized this and as a result he tried extra hard to make sure I was all cleaned up as I wasn’t exactly going to say go home and clean up like I normally would.

When I thought about it this can often be true in many other cases where if the service provider knows that you are in a rush there are chances that you can get faster and more thorough service for your dollar as they recognize the circumstance you are in. Although there was one funny example before where this didn’t work for a person. There was a celebrity shopping at a store and of course he wanted to get in and out fast as he didn’t want to get recognized and bombarded by people. The funny thing though was that the employee actually didn’t recognize him and insisted to him that she was busy and that he had to get in line. That was hilarious as everyone else told her about the person afterwards.

I have often see in many places though where as long as people understand why you are say in a rush or that you are going somewhere important after that you often get extra care in the service you receive. Good to think about too even as the business where I am sure it’s a great way to gain customer loyalty.

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