Determining The Value of A Service

Determining The Value of A Service

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Today I was told about an interesting story in regards to a very large real estate company here that needed a new online presence and so they hired a company to do so. The bill was rather hefty as it was well over $40,000. To make matters worse, the end product was not fully functional and in order to fix the problem the company requested for another $10,000+ to do so. Based on the project I read, it shouldn’t have been anywhere near that price in terms of a normal market value. The interesting thing was that the marketing director, or whoever was in charge of hiring the firm, mentioned how they got a great deal anyways for the price that they paid.

Myself along with some other people were just stunned over this. I wanted to find out more on how the company saw that as a great deal and aside from large companies having the budget to spend that kind of money, apparently one of the bigger reasons in believing that it was a great deal is because they can’t do it themselves which in turn makes it more valuable to them. Of course I don’t know the exact situation, but I thought that was very interesting.

Speaking for myself, usually when it comes to determining the value it is more about comparing what’s out there and the type of quality you are getting. So to me it was definitely interesting to hear that someone would base the dollar worth of a service specifically on whether or not they can do it themselves.

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