Denying A Service Due To Personal Fear Bias

Denying A Service Due To Personal Fear Bias

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The other night something very interesting happened where as I was walking home I saw a couple that was clearly drunk as they had too much to drink. They were definitely the happy drunk type. The lady then fell and hit the back of her head. However, being in the state they were they were just laughing. I asked if they needed like a cab and they mentioned they lived close. Everyone was just was just walking past them as they then attempted to cross the street. I decided to do a good deed and helped them walk home as they said they were close and it looked like they were going to hurt themselves like this. While this post isn’t about dealing with drunks, let’s just say it was an interesting walk.

Something happened though when we reached their home as the lady couldn’t find her keys. As a result, they were stuck and had to potentially sleep outside somewhere in the cold. I then asked the guy if he had keys to his own resident where they should stay there which he said he did. However, he mentioned that it’s quite far away. I told him I would call for a cab and would pay for it. He was stunned but you can tell he really didn’t want to sleep outside. So, I proceeded to call the taxi.

As the taxi arrived I explained to the driver how I was just trying to help these two strangers get home as they are drunk. He mentioned it was okay as long as I am going with them. So, I agreed. Here was the interesting part. As the taxi driver saw the pair walking towards him you can tell he seemed really shocked and scared for some odd reason. As a result, he the immediately said he could drive them, rolled up his window and drove off pretty quick. While I always thought that wasn’t legal in a sense, it made me think how much business they lost too as I would imagine the cab ride would have been like $30 which I was willing to pay.

Even though the guy was drunk he them commented how the cab driver was probably afraid that they were going to puke in the car or something. But still, in a case like this where if this was your business do you think it’s a smart option to deny services based on personal fears? I remember working in retail as an example on how you shouldn’t judge people based on how they look as an example. There were plenty of times where people who looked say not very fashionable actually had the most money to spend.

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