Danger of Presuming Customer Importance

Danger of Presuming Customer Importance

You often see this in those restaurant reality shows where when the business knows that an order is for a VIP of sort they take extra care in wanting to make sure the order is perfect. Their opinion can potentially influence thousands of others to visit or avoid the business as an example. Now with that in mind sometimes business owners treat customers that they think are just ordinary non influential people a lot worst such as giving them lower quality products or non priority service. That’s what I saw recently and boy was it a mistake for a company.

Essentially, they decided give up a reserved product to a company that they felt would bring them more business in the long run. Therefore, they told the gentlemen that there was simply an error in the reservation system. It just so happened that he knew the other person they gave his reservation to and he was actually related to some well-known executives that the company does business with. Oops I guess you can say huh?

I was always told to treat every customer the same in order to maintain consistency as you just don’t know who you may be serving for the day. Even for my personal life I try and be consistent such as helping as many people as possible within my means. Whoever asked or needed the help when I was able to give something as an example would get it. To me it just seems so risky for a business not to try and treat every customer as an important person per se.

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