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Cross Space Junk

So I will be doing some clearing of the cross space soon and the first thing that I was thinking about is how much old junk there probably is in there. Everything from old magazines to luggage that I never used for a long time. While people say one man’s junk is another man’s treasure it is kind of tempting to simply just give the stuff away to people just to speed up the cleaning process. This is opposed to doing things like setting up a garage sale.

Although, it can be easy to sell stuff to say collectors for things like magazines. Heck, you have people who are willing to pay large amounts of money for old newpapers. In some ways it can be a good opportunity to practice your sales and marketing techniques. For example, if you planned to sell everything online then you can fiddle around with photos to try and make the items look as appealing as possible just like a regular business.

I think the best time to just tell people to come and take it for free type of scenario is if you were going to literally dispose the item. Cause in those cases it would probably cost you more to try and dispose of the stuff yourself. I’m over exaggerating, but it would be like paying the cost of disposing a couch as opposed to having someone take it for free. Having so much extra space can sure be a negative many times as it is like a magnet for us to simply fill it up because we can.

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  • Tim 7/26/2010

    What is a cross space?

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