Credit Card For Your Eyes Only
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Credit Card For Your Eyes Only

A person was telling me a crazy story on how his family member was being sued by the credit card company as a result of the bill not being paid for a long time. It had a substantial amount of debt and the story on how it accumulated was the surprise. Essentially, the person had a friend who’s pet was very ill and would likely pass away. They didn’t have the money to put the pet in the proper hands for its last few days. As a result, the person gave them her credit card and told them to just charge the fees on that.

What ended up happening was interesting. Instead of using her credit card to bill for the services to handle the pet’s passing they instead paid for expensive services to try and prolong its life. As you can imagine, it created a hefty bill on the card that she was stuck with. Apparently she doesn’t want to do anything to them too since they are friends I guess you can say.

What a crazy example on how when it comes to things like your credit card you shouldn’t ever just give it out like that. Sounds like a common sense thing but these kinds of stories are probably more common than we want to believe. I am actually surprised he merchants/vendors actually accepted the payments too. One of those things we should keep to ourselves.

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