Creating Different Marketing Ads With Locals or Not

Creating Different Marketing Ads With Locals or Not

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With so many new product launches for various companies you would expect the usual such as official trailers that make the product look perfect or how everyone seems to be giving it positive reviews. Can’t really blame a company for doing that as why would you want to say anything negative about your own offerings correct? But what got me thinking is how for many launch events companies used the exact same script and footage for each region. However, the only difference was that the people presenting it were people who were local to the region.

It made me think whether or not people ultimately care such as if it is a computer product launch I would imagine most people would only really care about what the product looks like and what it can do. Having to re-film the exact same presentation with a different spokesperson probably costs a lot of time and money as well. So in that sense would you think it is still worth it business wise to create ads and presentations with local people in these cases?

It would probably be along the lines of companies creating the exact same ad with people of different ethnicity where one would imagine you can better capture specific demographics with these strategies. But as the consumer do these actually factor in on whether or not you would be more inclined to buy a product as an example?

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