Creating A Sales Event To Piggyback Off Amazon Prime Day

Creating A Sales Event To Piggyback Off Amazon Prime Day

I thought this was odd at first as I noticed a ton of companies trying to create what felt like a new regular yearly sales event in these past few days which made me wonder why on this period specifically? Usually, companies would choose moments that are special to them such as an anniversary day to have a huge sale. So what was the common theme? After thinking about it, Amazon is having a Prime day sale soon which is a big event for them. That makes perfect sense why these companies are creating a sale as well where they can potentially take advantage of the fact that a lot of people that day will be ready to buy something if it is a great deal.

This is probably easier then trying to make their own sale an extravaganza of sort as all they really need to do is price their products right. Especially in this case where theoretically the company could also dump their products on Amazon’s site for sale without them having to pay for all the marketing expenses to attract customers.

It’s a different way of thinking about it as many times companies would compete against each other to try and take sales away from the other. In this case, one would instead be piggybacking off the other company’s special event. It’s almost like inviting yourself around a festival of sort where you setup a tent to sell items to take advantage of the crowd that is going to be in the area versus actually trying to create your own festival from ground up. Or like here, you could literally just get a spot within their festival.

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