Crazy Regular Prices Compared To Sale Ones

Crazy Regular Prices Compared To Sale Ones

So today I decided to drop by a grocery store as they were having a $1.49 sale and one item happened to be a pound of strawberries which is a great deal. These would normally go for about $3 or more at a lot of places. But what caught my attention was as I visited other stores that sold the exact same brand and amount of strawberries their price was closer to $8 for each. That is a substantial difference which makes you think on how many people will actually pay that extremely marked up price due to factors such as not having other places to shop that Is convenient for them.

I know for myself I have just seen the low prices for most types of groceries items here where even if I wanted a particular item, if it was tagged that high like in this example I would feel too ripped off to actually buy it despite any kind of say craving I may have for that grocery item. That’s one way to avoid impulse shopping for expensive items as no one usually likes to feel that they are being taken advantage of by the business.

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