Crashing Other People’s Celebration Day To Generate Business

Crashing Other People’s Celebration Day To Generate Business

This got me thinking as Canada Day is coming up and there will highly unlikely be a lot of crowd gathering events to celebrate the day. However, apparently on the other side of the country there are going to be people taking advantage of the day to do massive protests to in a sense highlight some bad things about the country and want change.

It made me think how in business many people often do shameless things such as if there is a celebration event for a business in a public way then the competitor would think all those people there would be ideal customers for them too. So they end up wearing their own company branded shirts and attend the event where they hope that generates free advertisement and at the same time they strike conversations with people where of course they mention their own business.

Some people catch on of course. I don’t know if I would call that hustling which can be a good thing ordinarily. But in these cases it seems a bit wrong.

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