Couples Being Desirable To Hire Due To Pandemic Bubbles

Couples Being Desirable To Hire Due To Pandemic Bubbles

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During these times a lot of companies that require people to work within close proximity of each other are often ask to live in a bubble per se such as if this is a sports team everyone is going to have to stick around with only each other. That is to ensure there should technically be no virus outbreaks or if there is one then it will be easy to identify and isolate. It actually came up early on where places such as restaurants that were looking to hire had notes where people living in the same household would be beneficial.

I am actually seeing that more now with one of the most obvious industries being film where they often need talent that are required to be close to each other without any additional layers of protection since they are being filmed. So it seems like priority is now given to people such as couples who are naturally around each other all the time. It’s to the point where having a variety of people in your life bubble is actually a desirable resume trait of sort.

So would you actually sit down and talk to everyone in your bubble to potentially capitalize on this trend I guess you can say? I would imagine this could be beneficial for side gig types of work such as for promotions and entertainment. But like with the example of a restaurant it could give you a competitive advantage assuming the people you know are interested in it too.

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