Consistently Completing Small Pay Tasks For Money
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Consistently Completing Small Pay Tasks For Money

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Today I was looking at my balance for my Google Play account and funny enough my balance has reached almost $50 worth of free credit to spend on anything in the store. I got these credits by casually answering these silly surveys where the app assumes that you may have entered into a specific business. With that information I would imagine they attempt to build a profile on people for market research and all. While each survey may only give you say five cents it definitely added up I guess you could say.

Online surveys used to be a big thing not too long ago but the sentiment was the same where you get so little money for each one that it seems silly when people try to do it as if it is a full time job. But if you just treat it as something such as watching a quick ad from your favorite show it isn’t too bad of an idea to get some extra money here and there. The same can be true foe those people doing tasks for say five dollars online. While in a lot of cases it may not be your full time job, doing it here and there can make it a pretty generous earning.

I supposed in many ways it’s about multitasking as well. If you can find a way to do these small tasks while doing the things you are going to do anyways then you can turn it into a win-win situation. It’s when you focus way too much on it where it becomes one of those effort versus reward scenarios.

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