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Completely Drained This Cell Phone Battery To The Very End

It’s not a surprise that for me I usually try to get all the value I can from the things I buy. At the same time, I am usually a little apprehensive about upgrading to something better if what I have still seems to be doing the job. Recently it didn’t seem like my phone was holding a charge for as long. While you could say that something like an app is just draining the battery, I have been using the thing for like three plus years without a replacement.

I just noticed the other day that when I tried to charge the battery I got this funny message as you can see where it stated my phone was essentially using more power than the charger could deliver. Yes, here was actually a charger plugged into the phone. I guess you can say that makes it official that the days of this battery is numbered and it’s time for a replacement.

That’s just a habit I was taught before when it comes to most items and how to save money. It makes you want to really do your research too when it comes to purchases like these as you want something that will last a long time as you truly do intend to use it until the very end. Sure an example like this may just be a few dollars, but developing that as a lifestyle habit will definitely save you a lot of money.

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