Compensation When Caught For Bad Service or Not

Compensation When Caught For Bad Service or Not

While at a restaurant today I was with my dad and he was expressing how the service was bad as no one came over to refill our tea at the table for over twenty minutes. This was despite the fact that the restaurant wasn’t too busy and you saw the staff welcome new guests at times. But this lack of attentiveness made one customer angry as they were ready to order but it seemed like no one went to their table. Instead, the staff were chatting amongst each other.

This made the customer angry as they abruptly got up from their seat and in an agitated voice and walked up to the waitress and told her that her table was ready to order. Everything seemed to be normal afterwards where the customer didn’t seem to be mad anymore. As well, the restaurant just treated it as business as usual.

That makes me wonder in these cases as a business where it’s clearly bad service would you take initiative to do something to compensate the customer? I still remember that one time where I was at the restaurant Cactus Club and they weren’t having a good day as the service was slow and the food was overly salty. Like there, they took initiative to tell us it was on the house. That made a good lasting impression on us for whenever we are looking for the type of food that they offer.

But again, it makes you wonder if it should be a standard practice or if many would view it as too costly just from an immediate financial point of view.

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