Comparing Your Big Expenses To A Home Purchase Expense
Financial Management

Comparing Your Big Expenses To A Home Purchase Expense

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Saw a video today that talked about the cultural difference between how much money people in America spend on weddings versus what people in Europe do. According to the video, apparently in Europe it is a little over $5000 and in America it would be closer to say $30,000.

I always did find it a little weird that people would spend so much on a wedding even if it meant it would become a huge thing to stress over financially after that day. But what this was a good example of I thought personally was the concept of understandings your needs and the values of the things you buy. When you think of comparing whether you could be spending like $30,000 on a wedding versus a house it really makes you think.

I personally find this same technique really effective for purchases in general in my life which helps to keep the finances under control. It’s like the easy way of not splurging on things that sound like a good idea for that one day.

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