Coming Up With A Plan When You Don’t Want To Do It Yet

Coming Up With A Plan When You Don’t Want To Do It Yet

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One thing this week that I found a little odd was I was asked to give some input in regards to how someone can potentially grow their hobby into a business where the odd thing was this person has actually received a ton of advice already. The thing is they just never acted on it for whatever reason. So in my mind I was wondering what is the point in coming up with a plan if a person isn’t actually going to do something with it?

I have seen this countless times as well where people spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars in consultation advice just to not actually do anything with it. In many ways it feels like it’s simply a way for one to say they are doing something when really they aren’t. That’s why I think it is always important to really be committed to actually doing whatever it is or at the same time I often like to do the planning as I grow. Like the example of growing a grocery store by starting small and seeing what sells as opposed to opening up a huge supermarket with millions in inventory right away.

That way too you are actually doing something to justify planning for the next step. If anything actually getting started is probably more needed than having a comprehensive plan for many I feel.

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