Clearance Sale Signs As A Gimmick
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Clearance Sale Signs As A Gimmick

Today I was at the mall and saw this one store that had a limited time clearance sign plastered everywhere. It was almost as if the company had to simply liquidate everything. I did go into the store as I was thinking of buying a rolling backpack and figured that it would be a good chance to get a good deal.

At first my impression of the sale was very good as they had stacks of items outside the store such as wallets for $5 and a lot of the bags had these 70% off indicators on them. I then noticed something funny as I walked around there.

In the background they had this lopping recorded speech to inform visitors about the great limited time clearance sale on all the products such as the backpacks in the store. The funny thing was that as part of the speech it mentioned how this was a fantastic father’s day sale that shouldn’t be missed. As you know, Father’s day is already over.

I figured that maybe it was just a week long event as a result. Afterwards, one of the worker asked me if I needed any help and proceeded to tell me about the different rolling backpacks there were. He then mentioned about the price and how compared to other stores it is about $3 cheaper than any of the competition in the mall.

That just made me think how it wasn’t really a clearance sale at all in terms of what you would normally expect. Especially with signs indicating that the products were 70% off the original price. That kind of turned me off from purchasing anything. That was definitely an example I thought on how you can’t always just go by those signs to tell you if you are getting a good deal or not.

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