Claiming You Are Doing It For Fun And Passion As Opposed To Business

Claiming You Are Doing It For Fun And Passion As Opposed To Business

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It’s a common story to hear how one person decided to do something out of sheer passion and one thing led to another where eventually they were able to make a living off of it. This could involve selling branding related merchandise or becoming an expert in a specific field where people pay for your knowledge and experience. What got me thinking was how there was one person who claimed that they wanted to get into a specific hobby because of the passion of it. To me it was odd as I don’t think the person ever demonstrated an interest in it.

Then as time went on it kind of became obvious that the reason he wanted to get into it was because he saw how people were getting paid by doing these activities that they enjoyed. For example, imagine knowing that there are people who play video games while getting paid for it and so you then sit there and think you want to do the same. So you start to play video games claiming you enjoy it and all when in reality it’s the thought that you could potentially get paid like those other people as your main motivation.

Not surprisingly the person bought one game which they didn’t even complete and that seemed to be pretty much the end of it when they didn’t see that they were getting say all these offers like the other people. I don’t think it’s a good idea to fake an interest in a specific field or hobby. It’s almost like a celebrity trying to promote a product tor service they have never used in their life where people can often tell.

If you simply want to enter a market because you think it is a lucrative opportunity I am almost inclined to say if you have zero interest in the activity that you should do it through other means such as investing in people or companies instead.

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