CIKTel Journey Continues

CIKTel Journey Continues

It’s day 3 of this Internet provider switch test and so far CIKTel hasn’t been able to get the connection up yet. What ended up happening last time was kind of interesting as I went into its physical store since the technical support never bothered to phone back. The immediate thing I noticed was that the people who were already lined up appeared to be having issues as well. That’s not a good sign.

After speaking with the employee he concluded that the technical support people are wrong about the modem not working and that it was most likely a technical error on their part in activating and registering the modem. In all honesty, that was my initial thoughts. As a result, I was told that they wouldn’t charge anything for a week as it is their error that the service isn’t up. I suppose that is fair for now. I was just imagining how frustrating this must be if someone decided to cut off their provider before trying to switch it.

So, we were told to wait till Monday, which is today. I got a phone call which essentially said again that I should plugin the modem and that it could take over four hours for it to register again. If it didn’t work, I was asked to phone in tomorrow and schedule a person to come in to activate it. Would have been better to do that right away huh?

One thing is for sure, there is a complete lack of organization as it’s almost like they cut too many corners in the customer service department in an effort to try and be profitable with low rates. I can verify so far that many of the complaints I read online aren’t a coincident. Hopefully the service itself is actually good once everything gets up.

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