Chinese New Years And Money
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Chinese New Years And Money

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So today is Chinese new years and this year it is the year of the Ox. Usually with this day comes money as well for all the people like myself. This is actually one of the ways I have developed my financial skills and my way of thinking when it comes to money.

Essentially, what I was taught was that people would give you money as a form of good luck, so to speak, and at the same time it is suppose to be a notion on how the wealthier/established people are helping the younger people establish themselves by giving them some of their fortune.

With that in mind, usually when I receive money from others in this way I always try to treat it as an investment rather than simply spending money on just anything. Example, you won’t see me running off to the store to buy a new toy or divulging in some fancy restaurant with it. It usually goes straight to the savings to be spent on something wisely.

At the same time, the thought of the wealthier people helping out people who aren’t as fortunate has helped to keep me in check when it comes to money. Example, some people will do anything just to increase the size of their bank account by any means necessary as for them money simply represents power and control. Because of things like this Chinese new year money, my thought is that in end I want to use it to help others back too. Therefore, for me money is simply a tool to help accomplish the end means.

Gotta give yourself a bigger reason to be making money in the first place I’d say. It is usually true too where if you are doing something for yourself you tend to be more lax whereas if you put a third party into the mix it can change your perspective to do better. Something to think about too if you are trying to change your financial situation and are currently in a “me me me” type of mindset.

Happy Chinese new years all!

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