China Based Customer Service Blaming The Customer First Culture Freewell Example

China Based Customer Service Blaming The Customer First Culture Freewell Example

Not too long ago I was looking for some lens filter for my drone and the company that I purchased these types of items from in the past didn’t seem to make any for the model I was looking for. They are an American company and my dealings with them have been great. Even though I am in Canada whenever a situation occurred they were prompt to address the issue.

So unfortunately in this situation I had to look for a different company that made lens filter for a drone called the Mavic Mini. It seemed like there weren’t many options and I found a company called Freewell that seemed to offer some. They also offered a lifetime guarantee according to their site which should ease the purchasing decision. Now they are based in China which made me wonder if they were going to provide questionable customer service. Even with my drone it is manufactured in China and I can say customer service is not their strong point.

As I have been using Freewell’s product for awhile I noticed that one particular filter seemed to cause my drone to produce errors such as forcing the camera to tilt and many times I noticed there is an odd flood of light in the corner. So I thought maybe it’s this one bad filter. So I contacted them as hopefully they will replace it. Their response was surprising but not at the same time.

It seemed like their customer service agent tried to immediately blame me for the error. This was the message:

Hey Alan,

Thanks for your message.

The kindly point on the video where is the weird glare you are pointing?

As for the gimbal error please see do you find any difference between other filter & this as it should not happen unless YOU ARE NOT ON LATEST FIRMWARE & WIND situation can cause this as filter is just about a gram.



Now that was kind of crazy. Especially with all the capital letters that usually indicates the person is yelling? He was absolutely wrong as my product was fully updated too. But what this made me think of was the similarities between this China based company and the other. Essentially from my experience they started by blaming the customer. In many ways it feels like its a culture of never wanting to show any kind of potential fault. That’s a bad approach to customer service in my opinion. It’s such night and day experience in dealing with the company from the US where they did recognize it can be a manufacturing error.

Like many other companies bad customer service will sure make people jump to a different company immediately when the option is there. It makes you wonder if that will change as I find many China based companies are trying to get into premium quality offerings where it is priced so high that one should expect good service too. Will be interesting to see how this turns out as it goes on.

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