Checking For Silly Sale Prices

Checking For Silly Sale Prices

A lot of stores are actually still in a big sales mode where they are trying to clear excess Christmas inventory. This can be a result of all the returned gifts as well. So while browsing this one company’s site they had a lot of sales where some of them was clearly an oversight. For example, this camera was listed at a sale price for literally the same amount as its regular price. Not much of a sale huh? For that I am assuming that for whatever reason it was placed in the sales or clearance category and by default it is programmed to display a before and after price even though there is no sale for it.

But then were other examples like this other camera where the sale price is a whopping one dollar off. That one is harder to explain as I would think someone must have had to manually enter in a sale price of sorts. So, wouldn’t that raise some alarm bells to say something is wrong and that the price shouldn’t be published this way?

It doesn’t make the business look good as it come across as they don’t really put much attention into its operations. Of course as a consumer you would love it if it was a price error that provides a substantial discount. But as a company this is something that any employee could check quickly but for some reason it seems like it hasn’t been. In certain circumstances it could make me worried about purchasing from the site. If this is how they take care of their product pages what would happen to all my personal information once I make a purchase with them as an example? Is it equally going to be handled in a careless way?

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