Checking For Potential Company Bias

Checking For Potential Company Bias

There was a ton of news today that talked about how Bill Gates was supposedly blackmailed by the now deceased sex offender Jeffery Epstein because he allegedly had an affair a woman named Mila Antonova. So as it was reported, Epstein tried to get Bill Gates to fund a certain project otherwise he will let the world know about the affair.

Usually when it comes to company scandals some would want to try and hide every detail about it. Granted Bill Gates no longer works at Microsoft, but the company does have a heavy investment with OpenAI and ChatGPT. So I was curious if it would actually censor stories related to Bill Gates.

Upon searching though it seemed like the robot simply scoured the web as usual to try and find articles related to it. I often check if companies have any bias though in these ways so that you can make informed decisions on whether their offerings can truly provide you with what you need. People and companies can change over time to the point where you may be better off elsewhere.

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