Cheap Free Item To Encourage Shopping

Cheap Free Item To Encourage Shopping

With a lot of pre–Black Friday sales happening now I thought this was an interesting tactic to try and convince people to shop at a site. They had this little event where if you clicked on this wheel you could randomly win a free prize where there appeared to be one expensive item and the rest seemed like a value purchase item. So, I spun it for fun and it seemed like I won the opportunity to get some lotion for free.

The thing is you can’t just get it for free as you have to make a purchase on the site it seems and it will ship with your order. You also have a day to claim this free reward. It makes me wonder would you ever make purchase just for a small free item like this? In this case too, the company charges a shipping fee unless you make a specific purchase amount. That makes it even less appealing if you had no intent to buy anything originally.

It makes me wonder if you could truly offer any kind of cheap item that would actually entice people to do some shopping. The only thing I can imagine is if it is a collectible item of sort that really resonates with specifics groups of people. Just offering something generic like say a chocolate bar isn’t going to do it in my opinion.

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