Charging High Fees For Uncomplicated Tasks

Charging High Fees For Uncomplicated Tasks

I think this example of a professional service fee is probably one of the strangest I have seen. There was a person who was taking driving lessons from a professional in an effort to get a driver’s license which is pretty normal for many. There one could pay almost $100 a day for the service. Unfortunately, the person did not pass the road test which meant they had to wait a few weeks before they can try again.

This is where it got interesting as the person that the driving instructor mentioned that the person can book a test date themselves or he could di it for them for a fee of about $120. That’s the shocker I thought as the process here is you literally just go to the website, enter your driver’s license information and then you will be presented with available dates to choose from. It’s not very technical at all. But as you can see, people can charge crazy prices where many people must pay for it.

It makes you think how many times it’s more about serving a specific demographic versus actually needing a lot of skill to do some kind of work as clearly there are people who are willing to pay any rate due to the lack of knowledge in a particular area.

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