Changing Your Perspective of Money By Seeing How Others Live
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Changing Your Perspective of Money By Seeing How Others Live

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It was actually a holiday here today which meant a lot of people were off work and simply enjoying the day with various activities. I actually ended up visiting a part of province that I wouldn’t normally just for the sake of exploring things like the price of groceries and items there. While the prices for items were definitely different, the lifestyle sure is different such as the way various homes are designed. In Some condo areas there were like water pools surrounding the whole area. It seemed like people actually put things like a real fish in there too.

What I liked about seeing this is that even for myself I am only used to seeing one style of living for the most part and a specific type of lifestyle that most people try to achieve financially. Example, save up and get the house with a lot of space, a nice backyard, etc. However, seeing stuff like these sure makes you rethink in terms of the other options that are available. Example, instead of a high tech type of house and lifestyle maybe you want things that will give you more natural resources and such to be self-sustainable.

I always find this to be my reason in wanting to visit a lot of different places as it can completely change your perspective on what is possible with very little or a lot of money in your life. Like saying too if the ultimate goal is be happy and comfortable with your living situation then you can’t only judge it based on one standard of living. I find the more I know and experience in these cases the better I am in terms of how I spend and save money as well for my future.

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