Chain Stores Treating Other Locations As Separate Businesses

Chain Stores Treating Other Locations As Separate Businesses

This was an interesting thought where my dad wanted to go to a Costco and I figured it would be a good time to try and rectify the situation where he didn’t seem to get all the offers of a groupon deal as the employee upsold him a different expensive plan. Usually for franchised companies like these membership benefits and services would be the same throughout.

That’s where it was interesting where when I talked the customer service worker at first they were confused about the offer in general. Specifically, you are supposed to get a $40 off coupon for use in store and one for the online store where that one has a $250 purchase minimum. He only got the online one.

So with that confusion the worker then tried to pass on the issue by saying since he signed up at a different store only they can take care of the issue. I know that is generally not true such as if one wants to cancel a membership, they could theoretically do it at any chain. Wouldn’t that be weird if locations allowed people to buy from them but not do say returns or customer service issues?

It only just takes one store in a chain to change a customer’s perception of the business as a whole which is why consistency is always important.

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