Cereal Promotions That Help Save or Make You Money
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Cereal Promotions That Help Save or Make You Money

I noticed that the company Kellogg’s was having some kind of Hasbro toy and game promotion. Essentially, inside one of its box of cereals is a PIN code which you can use to redeem a free toy or game valued at $15. You could also get a coupon for $10 off on a $25 product too. While this made me think that these toys or games must be marked up like crazy to be able to give this kind of offer, I was thinking you can sure save a lot of money this way instead of buying the toys directly.

Even for myself, although I don’t really buy much cereal I often find sales where you can purchase these same box of cereal for like $3. That seems like a pretty good return of investment if you were specifically look for these kinds of items for like a present. Even if you hated the cereal but was going to normally get the Hasbro item for whatever reason it would make sense to buy the cereal for the coupon and give the actual cereal to someone who would want it.

I noticed that you can often find these types of deals through cereal products for whatever reason. Movie tickets are another example of a reward that is often offered where the value of that items are usually greater than the cereal product itself. Kind of a strange way to look for deals, but in many ways it is no different than people looking for coupons I think. Maybe the whole strategy behind this is to get you addicted to the cereal afterwards. For me though it’s just about finding the best ways to save money.

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