Celebrity Apprentice Season 14
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Celebrity Apprentice Season 14

I almost didn’t realize that there was a new season for this show as I felt that it was losing steam in many ways. But, I thought I would check it out as I usually find something interesting to learn when it comes to business and finance topics. It’s too bad that they are staying with the celebrity formula though as it makes everything a little more predictable since the challenges are money related. The teams were divided by men who went by the name Vortex and who women were named infinity.

The main theme I got out of this episode it seems was how there was so much emphasis on social media. It’s almost like they are saying business wise if you don’t have a large social media presence nowadays you are going to be behind. That’s pretty much what happened here where on the men’s team they had Kevin Jonas who has over 4 million Twitter followers. In perspective, that was more than the other team combined.

There was one very awkward moment in the show due to recent news events. Basically, the project manager for the women’s team was Keshia Knight Pulliam who happened to be an actress on the Cosby show. As a result, she was criticized for not utilizing her contacts such as Bill Cosby to raise money. Obviously this show was filmed before all that news about the rape allegations with Bill Cosby came out, but that sure made it weird to watch. I am surprised they didn’t ty to edit it because of all this.

The task itself was that the two teams had to make a celebrity pie with the team raising the most money would win. At the same time, whichever team’s pie is chosen as the best would be awarded an additional $25,000. Team Infinity did win the pie challenge. However, it seemed that team Vortex was just too much in terms of contacts and social media reach as they raised $185,322 while Infinity raised $93,862. On a side note, I have no idea how this makes sense mathematically as I swear on the show they said that the women raised $68,412 along with the $25,000 bonus to make a total of $93,862.

I just felt it was too predictable overall where you are more focused on the potential antics that could arise between people as opposed to how creative they can get on creating a solution.

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