Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Ten
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Ten

In this episode the two team’s task was to create a store display and slogan for Trump’s new line of cologne dubbed as Success by Trump as if they the displays were going to be in Macy stores. I guess you can say it was one of those self promotion episodes where Trump is trying to get his products more exposure. In fact, he stated that if one of the team makes a display that he loves he would give the project manager’s charity $100,000. The project manager for Unanimous was Aubrey and for Forte it was Clay.

In Team Unanimous Arsenio found an interesting way to think of a slogan as he simply went on the Internet to research about trump a bit and noticed that one of his quotes was “Trust Your Instinct.” As a result, they thought there is no way they could lose as it is a quote directly from Trump. Team Forte came up with a more general slogan which was “You earned it.”

For the presentation itself both teams had the idea of using a skyline type of design. The main difference was that Unanimous had sections to give samples of the cologne and as well they took pictures of Eric Trump to try and act as a young silhouette staring at the success that awaits him. On Forte they went with a more traditional approach where in the middle of the display was a large picture where Dayana was the model holding the cologne in-front of her as her head laid on another model’s chest who was wearing a shirt and tie.

There was an interesting moment on Unanimous’ side where when Eric Trump asked Aubrey how the team was doing she was trying to claim that everyone else but her was useless when it came to the creative and that she pretty much came up with everything. That definitely stood out in terms of Aubrey’s personality to him. On Forte it seemed like they were so focused in the display itself that they didn’t really prepare much in terms of when it comes to the actual presentation. Dayana was even suggesting that they make something to hand out to the executives but Clay mentioned there would be no time and need for it.

During the actual presentation Unanimous did alright. However, Forte was kind of a wreck as they seemed to have went in with a mentality that it was going to be a quick show and tell which left a very awkward moment when Clay didn’t really have anything to say beyond what the display looked like. Overall the executives thought that Unanimous’ display was alright and they loved the slogan. However, they were really confused about the sillouette and what it meant. For Forte they thought the picture of Dyana was great with the overall design. However, the slogan placement on the display wasn’t very noticeable immediately and at the same time they disliked the slogan itself tremendously. In the end, Unanimous was chosen as the winner.

Trump as well did not “love” either of the team’s display and therefore no one got the $100,000. Instead, he gave Aubrey $40,000 and the rest of the contestant $10,000 each for their charities. The main firing came down to Clay, Penn and Dayana. Trump seemed dead focus in firing Penn as he emphasized how the executives disliked the slogan which is what he came up with. Trump made an interesting remark where he mentioned that he didn’t want to fire Dayana or Clay as well. As a result, Penn was fired.

Maybe it’s just me, but with that last remark it makes me think even more how his decision in firing people is more about who he thinks will be the best for good TV while using task reasons as just a reason to do so. That would explain how he seems to jump from place to place each episode in terms of why people get fired and his beliefs about it. I guess you can say it’s just business when it comes to ratings.

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