Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Nine
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 – Episode Nine

This episode was fun I thought as the task revolved around the two teams having to create their own puppets and then doing an improv show with it for the Stuffed and Unstrung adult puppet show. The team who preformed the best show would win. Because Forte was down a player Trump mentioned that Clay would now be on their team. The project manger for Forte was Lisa and for Unanimous was surprisingly Paul.

Paul had an interesting situation as his back kind of died on him which made it difficult to stand up. As well, he had no passion or interest whatsoever in puppets and so therefore he was relying on others heavily. Lisa continued with her crusade against Dayana it seemed where she tried to label her as a pretty cover that is useless, so to speak, and assigned her the task to create the puppets. Dayana did an outstanding job though which made Lisa look more like a person who is jealous of her in some way.

For the puppets that team Unanimous created it was criticized that the puppets weren’t very flexible due to the way it looked. For example, one of their puppets had a Mohawk which makes it difficult to place it in more conservative scenarios. Teresa was actually one of the puppeteers for the team which proved to be a challenge as she didn’t exactly have as much improvisation experience as many of the other teammates.

The actual shows itself turned out fairly well for both teams. Forte often tried to take the jokes in a very dangerous territory using more adult oriented humour which was criticized as going a bit too far. In the end though it was decided that Forte’s team produced the better show overall and therefore they were the winners. The boardroom was pretty straight forward it seemed. But there was one detail where when Paul was asked to allow one person to be spared from the boardroom he chose Arsenio and Trump questioned that since the executives thought that one big negative of their work was how the puppets were not very flexible in terms of look where Arsenio should be blamed since he did design one.

Other than that, everyone was hammering Paul for not doing much in the task at all as it didn’t seem like he was too interested in it. With all that in mind it seemed to be a pretty quick decision as Paul was fired. I wouldn’t be surprised if they start to sell the puppets for charity after the show is all said and done. Paul had a interesting quote during the episode when Lisa and Dayana had a dispute as it was something like the best way to solve a problem sometimes is to not try and solve it at all. Instead, he chooses to just be the ear and allow the situation to naturally go away. Interesting way of doing it I thought.

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