Celebrity Apprentice 5 Episode 14 Finale
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Celebrity Apprentice 5 Episode 14 Finale

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The episode had a funny start where Trump was pretending that he was running late for the finale episode and so he asked his secretary to get the fastest driver. That person ended up being Andretti who then drove trump in an F1 (formula 1) car it seemed as they darted to the final location.

The show continued off with the debacle of Arsenio having footage of Magic Johnson facing sideways as he spoke in-front of the camera. That issue was alleviated as apparently there was more footage where he did speak face forward to the camera. For the most part there didn’t seem to be much conflict with the two teams. In general when the actual events started it seemed like Clay had a lot more people and fans showing up in comparison to Arsenio as his people appeared to all be late.

Arsenio’s event seemed a bit more upscale whereas Clay’s theme was a carnival to reflect that his charity is about children. As semi expected too, in Arsenio’s show he had a lot of stand-up comedian segments whereas Clay used singing showcases. As implied last episode too Lisa did indeed visit Clay’s party and donated $10,000 to his charity. Again, everything seemed to go pretty smoothly for the both of them. In the boardroom it was then announced how much money they made where in the end Arsenio made $167,100 and Clay made $301,500.

It then moved to the live segment as Trump asked the two of them on why they should be the winner. It seemed like Clay was emphasizing more that he was tired of being known as the second place guy and for Arsenio it was more about how he feels that he earned it and deserves the title. Arsenio Hall did indeed seem stronger in terms of his want and passion to win. Not too surprisingly, with that said Trump chose Arsenio as the winner despite Clay having earned more money at the last task.

I think it will be interesting as it was implied that Arsenio has a new talk show of some sort starting up again. And after all that rant in this show on how many people who he thought was his friend that didn’t step up to help when he needed it on whether or not he will encounter them again. Always interesting to see those that stick with people when they are successful but then magically disappear when they are not in a fortunate position.

Interesting season overall despite how the first part of it seemed extremely repetitive. I wonder if they have enough creativity to make another one.

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