Celebrity Apprentice 4 Episode 8
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Celebrity Apprentice 4 Episode 8

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There was strange part in the beginning of the episode where Trump would welcome the teams and then inform them of what the task is. This time around though, he started by talking about how people think he should run for president and asked the candidates if they would vote for them. Subtle hints maybe?

The task was that the two teams had to create a four page pictorial to promote the Trump hotel collection. The project manage for the men was Jon Rich and for the women it was Star Jones. The men at first seemed very hesitant as they all admitted that they don’t normally check into luxury hotels as it seems a bit too much, so to speak. People like Star Jones though mentioned that she is used to the lifestyle so she felt that this would be a piece of cake for the women’s team.

There was an interesting note about that where while the men were concerned that they weren’t too knowledgeable about Trump hotels since they never book to stay in these kinds of places, after thinking about it they realized that they have. In fact, for the duration of the celebrity apprentice show they are actually staying in a Trump hotel. Kind of a funny realization.

The executives specifically told each team that they wanted to stay away from cliche ads such as having a waiter in their pictorial or say people who look like millionaires only who would book in these kinds of hotels. The men decided to go with a theme revolving around “Living The Life” in which they wanted to emphasize that staying in these hotels were similar to living the life of Donald Trump. The women seemed to go with a conglomerate of ideas that essentially revolved around a “luxury” theme.

As strange as it sounds, in the end both teams came up with ideas that weren’t very original and kind of went against what the executives told them to try and stay away from. For example, the men had pictures of a butler of sort and the women had a typical glamour presentation such as a person taking a bath while drinking champagne. When it came to actually presenting the ideas the men appeared to have connected better. The women had a really odd style where each women would take turns saying an adjective to describe about the experience they were trying to portray.

Not surprisingly, the executives extremely disliked both. The men had a crucial error too as all of their ads did not have any form of a contact information on it. Therefore, choosing a winner simply came down to having to choose which one was not as bad. Even during the boardroom phase when it comes to reviewing the comments and results for each team’s effort the list of negatives was incredibly long.

It essentially came down to who had a better presentation. The executives just thought that the women’s presentation was too scripted and awkward whereas in the men’s presentation it felt like it was more from the heart. Therefore, the men were chosen as the winner. I was a bit surprised as I thought the lack of any contact information on the ads would have been the deal killer for the men.

In the boardroom it came down to Star, La Toya and NeNe. La Toya seemed to have been the one with a bullseye on her back as everyone insisted she was the weakest player overall. I must admit, this show does make her look like someone who is used to having others do things for her. Trump had an interesting comment as he mentioned while he respected her it seemed like none of her teammates wanted her there. As well, Trump feels that the women deserved a chance to compete with the men. As a result, La Toya was fired.

Interesting decision making process this time around I must say.

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