Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 7
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Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 7

The task this episode required the two teams to create three meals revolving around Omaha products. With this, they would have to create three original variety packs of sort and present everything in a live cooking show that they would have to produce and conduct. The teams would be judged on brand messaging and presentation. The project manager for the men was Gary and for the women it was Hope.

Gary seemed like a complete wreck as if he had no direction and just started to assign people tasks for the sake of assigning with not much thought. The immediate example is that each team needed to designate a member of the team as a chef and he chose Meat Loaf without any kind of discussion or explanation. Accidentally too, Meat Loaf continually how he expressed that he can’t really cook.

The men decided to make a package revolving around A Father’s day theme whereas the women decided they would use a “Poker Night” theme which they felt would be unexpected for a couple of women to come up with. There was one awkward moment for the women where La Toya was initially supposed to cook a steak and Hope told her to cook a burger instead. I guess you can say, that was taken in a very negative way by La Toya.

The chaos continued with the men as there was no real direction and everything seemed so last last minute. Meat Loaf was also furious that they didn’t even get the chance to rehearse the actual presentation. The women did take the time to rehearse. Overall the presentation was okay. However, apparently the executives had reserves about the women consonantly referring to the company a “Omaha Steaks” as they felt that limits the type of exposure they were looking for in their brand.

When the men went up, Meat Loaf did his best to be the cook/presenter and for the most part was effective. The main negative in the executive’s eyes seemed to be when Gary spoke and how they felt he tended to drag on. In the end, the women’s presentation variety packs were preferred over the men and so they were chosen as the winners.

As expected, almost everyone on the men’s team started to point fingers about Gary’s action and his leadership skill. Gary was even asked who he would bring back to the boardroom and he expressed that he didn’t really want to bring anyone in as they all did a good job. Overall, it didn’t seem to be that hard of a decision as Trump fired Gary.

What this episode made me think of is how not everyone necessarily has the ability to lead just because they are super successful in a particular field. It just seemed like a train wreck for Gary.

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