Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 10
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Celebrity Apprentice 4 – Episode 10

This was one long episode. It continued off with the surprising news that La Toya was allowed to return as a member of the men’s team. Nene and Star also continued to feud with each other which resulted in a surprising twist. Essentially, before announcing the task Trump ask if Star and Nene could work things out and Star flat out said they couldn’t. As a result, Trump quickly announced that he was going to have Meat ball and Nene switch teams

The task for this segment was that the teams had to create a live comedy show and sell tickets to the event. They will have to choose a comedian and attempt to sell the tickets for as much money as possible. The team who raised the most money would win. The project manager for Backbone was La Toya and for ASAP it was Meat Loaf.

The immediate drama that started for team Backbone was that Nene was simply missing in action. As the task went on, it was discovered that she walked out on the show. Her reasons were things such as she feels Star is juts getting her way and that she didn’t have to tolerate these kinds of things in order to raise money for charity. Trump tried talking to her and expressing how she will be known as a quitter for life. However, she didn’t care and simply left show.

La Toya had a lot to prove as the project manager and the assumption was that she is a Jackson and so she should have connections with everyone in order to raise a lot of money. It appeared though that it didn’t matter much as her big contacts weren’t responding. Meat Loaf tried to reach his contacts as usual and became very emotional over it. It dawned on him that if the project manager loses then all the funds he raised would go to the winning project manager’s charity. Since he knows that a lot of his contacts were helping him for his charity specifically, he couldn’t bare the thought of losing all that money to a different charity.

There was a plead to Trump as a result of that on how team ASAP wondered if the project manager’s could keep the money they raised despite a win or a loss. Trump emphasized that a lot of the show is about winning and so he wouldn’t allow that to happen. He even told Meat that on the flip side if he won then he would have raised even more.

All in all, the comedy shows themselves seemed to run okay for both teams without anything too big happening. In the end, ASAP raised $102,080 and Backbone raised $82,500. Meat Ball as extremely emotional over the win. La Toya couldn’t really blame anyone for the task as she praised her teammates. Trump then emphasized how she did return which was a once in a lifetime type of scenario. He then gave her the sandwich routine of telling her that she was very good and smart but then expressed that she was fired.

The episode continued with another task and this time it was for the company Onstar. The team’s task was to promote its car security products and how it is now available in Best Buy retail stores. To do this, each team would need to create a promotional video which would be judged by Onstar executives. The project manger for Backbone was John Rich and for ASAP it was Marlee. John Rich expressed that this was a rematch between them two.

Backbone went with a more over the top and excited route with their campaign such as Lil John appearing to be so enthusiastic that you could buy the product at a store now. ASAP tried to go with a more comedic route such as showing a cop using the Onstar security system to find a donut shop. There was also a mishap as Lil John envisioned a busy and energetic video with things like cars falling from the sky. However, it was then told him after that it was possible as there was no green screen. Therefore, their video ended up in a fashion such as people talking on a plain white background.

Marlee appeared to simply hand over the reign to Meat Loaf. In a way, it seemed like she wasn’t really doing much and that this project was Meat Loaf’s idea. Star also expressed this concern. At times it looked like Star was not doing her task of ensuring that the brand messaging in the video was intact as a semi act of rebellion.

When it came to the presentation, team ASAP’s video was not received very well by the executives. They didn’t seem to like the idea of mocking a police officer when it came to a security product. At the same time, there was no real emphasis on how the product is now available at retail stores. Team Backbone came in with a lot of energy. The executives saw one huge flaw in the video as there was a scene with a girl driving in the car and talking about the product. The lady driving did not have a seat belt on. In the end, the executives prefferred Backbone’s presentation more and they were chosen as the winners.

In the boardroom it was a seesaw battle between blaming Meat Loaf for the comedy idea and Star for her inadequate job of making sure product placement was good. Trump asked them to wait outside as he tried to think of a decision. Outside a lot of heat generated with Star and Meat Ball getting at each other’s throat. Star then attempted to cut Meat Loaf off such as saying she doesn’t owe him an argument. This made Meat Loaf infuriated.

When they were called back into the boardroom Trump asked what all the commotion was about. Despite all the bickering, Trump pressed on Marlee to mention who was in charge of branding. Marlee did mention that it was Star Jones and Trump further emphasized that he believes that was the main factor that failed the task. As a result, Star was fired.

The most interesting part of this whole episode was how Trump ripped on NeNe for quitting even after the fact. I guess he is just really hoping that she feels the sting for her decision. In some ways. Though ironically it might just give her more attention.

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