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Celebrity Apprentice 2 – Episode 8

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This episode continued off from last time with the charity auction event of Ivanka Trump’s jewelry lineup. The guest appearance of Piers Morgan didn’t play too much of a factor as he mainly just talked to the team to find out what was going on. We got to see this time whether Natalie Gulbis’ tactic of contacting poker players who competed with Annie Duke to bid on KOTU’s items worked on not.

Basically, what happened was that the poker play, Phil Hellmuth, contacted Annie Duke to confirm about the event and she went ballistic. She was cursing and cussing implying how it is not funny as she could get voted off the show if he was going to bid on KOTU’s items. While she didn’t say it directly, it’s almost as if she implied some kind of retaliation against any of the poker players that agreed to attend the event for Natalie.

I just thought that was kind of ironic as isn’t a big point of this Celebrity Apprentice edition to raise money for charity? With that in mind, regardless of who’s team those poker players would have bid on that is a loss of potentially thousands of dollars for a charity.

The auction itself was interesting. For Athena Annie Duke was pretty much the key to raising a lot of money. The team had large and visible jewelry items and she knew exactly who the money spenders were in the crowd. Because of that, she really put them on the spot in a friendly way which got them to spend a lot of money. Example, going up to them begging, making them feel bad that they are not donating more, etc.

For KOTU they used Clint Black to try and auction off the items. They did have a disadvantage of choosing smaller jewelry items that were not as visible. Clint Black was really horrible as an auctioneer though as he didn’t know how to get the crowed pumped up and was rather defensive when no one in the crowd bid on the first item. In fact, he even asked Donald Trump if he was going to bid on it. They ended up not being able to sell the first item. Eventually, Joan Rivers came out to help with the selling and everything turned around from there.

The boardroom got really heated between Joan Rivers and Annie Duke. It got so bad that Joan Rivers implied on how Annie Duke is basically a poker player where she shows different faces depending on the situation and used Hitler as an example. That created a lot of tension and mud slinging.

In the end, KOTU raised $92,000 and Athena raised $153,000. This was actually a record on the show as in total the teams raised $245,000 for charity. Ivanka Trump expressed how it was kind of embarrassing for her that one of her jewelry was not sold as it makes her look bad. Since Natalie Gulbis was the one to choose the jewelry she got a lot of heat from the Trump family for that. It seemed that mainly because of that she was fired. I personally thought Clint Black should have been the one to go though.

Similar to last week another task was given on the same episode. This time around the teams had to create a take home frozen food meal for the company Schwan. It would be judged by the executives based on taste, originality and the marketing campaign. For KOTU the project manger was Herschel Walker and for Athena it was Jesse James.

There wasn’t too much noteworthy points in this segment. Athena decided to go with a creation they dubbed as a “Triple play turkey meatball and pasta” and KOTU dubbed their’s as an “Orange Asian soy chicken”. For Athena it seemed as if their dished tasted better with the drawback being that their marketing plan for the product was almost non existent. For KOTU it seems that their marketing was a bit better. They did have a drawback as they included this large yogurt dessert as part of their meal which didn’t exactly fit well from a frozen food packaging perspective.

Ultimately the executives chose Athena as the winner which handed KOTU another loss. This time Donald Trump focused more on the project manager Herschel Walker as he believed that the decisions came down to him such as the dessert portion of the meal. As a result, he was fired.

I must say, these past couple of firings seem to be more about personal dislikes or TV ratings. Many of them don’t really make too much sense from a business point of view. Guess you can’t exactly expect that when it comes to a reality show of course as no ratings means no air time.

The thing that made me think a lot in this show is the split personalities that people have in life in general when they are trying to get something to benefit them. It can be hard to determine how genuine the person is. At the same time it also showed how hard it can be to simply separate business decisions from being influenced by personal issues. Easier said than done.

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