Canada Revenue Agency Strike Vote
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Canada Revenue Agency Strike Vote

I was reading the news today on how the union for Canada Revenue Agency employees have overwhelmingly voted to go on strike due to issues such as pay. This is interesting as here in Canada it’s the month where most people need to file their taxes which makes you wonder how this will affect all that. Imagine retail employees all going on strike during the Christmas shopping season as an example.

It actually makes me think too whether or not the strike was strategic where since it is the busiest time of the year would the government as am example be more inclined to resolve the situation as a result? I can see that being the case for a business where being closed during the busy season can simply be too much loss of an income to the point where one will be inclined to just agree to any kind of demand where they will still end up with appositive flow of income.

This situation is different too since it is a public sector job versus a private corporation. Either way, you still need to do your taxes of course. It will be interesting if the service will experience frequent downtimes though as an example due to this.

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