Can Money Buy Back Trust?
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Can Money Buy Back Trust?

A person asked me recently where once myself and a few other people are successful in holding a specific individual accountable for lying and cheating people financially on whether or not the person can ever buy back my trust by financially compensating back more than the original amount. For example, it would be like someone stealing candy from a store and then having to pay for it while offering to pay more as well in an attempt to have a good standing record with them again.

My personal answer was definitely no to that. The one time so far where I can specifically remember where someone offered to financially compensate me to earn my trust again was actually for a job when I was younger. It was a pretty typical example too where I’m sure a lot of people have experienced as a person tells you how great you are and all that when it comes to work yet you find out that they are undercutting you in every way possible with some shady tactics.

Maybe it’s just me, but whenever people try to buy back trust with money especially after the fact that the damage has already been done that it usually feels like they are doing it to save their own face as oppose to genuinely changing.

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