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Buying Weather Gear On The Spot or Not

Funny thing today as when I left the house it seemed like it was a pretty sunny day. However, that slowly evaporate as I made my way towards my destination. You could see it getting cloudy and eventually that side of the city was raining. Since it was sunny from where I came from I didn’t exactly bring an umbrella. It looked like a lot of others had the same thought too as you saw people in business suits getting wet for example.

I was then debating if I really wanted to simply go into some store and spend some money on like an umbrella because of this unexpected weather. The frugality in me was constantly saying no though as this was one of those things where I already own one and it would be a waste to buy another one. Funny enough, this isn’t the first time I was presented with this kind of dilemma either.

Ultimately I decided to just suck it up and get a little wet as there was a ton of cover areas since I was in the main city. I was glad I did too as the hard rain only lasted about five minutes where for the most part it was minor drizzles in terms of getting a bit wet. Would you have bought like the umbrella in this case? To me a little sprinkle doesn’t do much harm and I would rather save the money.

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